The appearance of portable gantry cutting machine is exquisite,Very easy to install and operate. The low price of CNC gantry cutting machine is the upgrade product of small portable machine.

20 years CNC cutting machine manufacturing;
9 years Alibaba supplier; 5000 + customers Choice;
> Our own R & D team, customized according to your needs;
> China's famous brand, fast delivery,cheap price;
> Total quality management system.

Descrizione del prodotto

Cutting method Guide:

1、Flame cutting: Suitable for cutting carbon steel larger than 20mm;

2、Plasma cutting:Plasma cutting cost is 1/3~1/2 of flame cutting;So the plasma is suitable for cutting carbon steel within 20mm;
3、Stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized sheet etc materials suitable for plasma cutting。

Mechanical Components
Horizontal rail Width
Larghezza di taglio effettiva
Longitudinal rail Length
Lunghezza di taglio effettiva
CNC Cutting torch
flame,plasma,flame & plasma
CNC Oxy-fuel cutting torch
Wuhan lansun
Wuhan lansun
Regolatore di altezza della torcia
Automatci height controller
Fonte al plasma
China brand LGK100A LGK120A or USA brand .
CNC plasma cutting torch
According to plasma power source
Velocità di taglio al plasma
Oxy-fuel cutting thickness
Oxy-fuel cutting speed
Distanza di sollevamento della torcia di taglio
120 millimetri
Modalità di guida
Single side drive
7 inch True color Display with Spanish language
Sistema di controllo CNC
Beijing Start control system
Programming and nestling software
Driving motor
Motore passo-passo

Caratteristiche principali

1. Gantry structure, large cutting width: the horizontal width is 3M, the effective cutting width is 2.5m, the longitudinal track is 5 m, effective cutting length is 4m.

2. The cross beam with oblique braces and distal support, good stiffness, high precision.Installation is direct insertion, it’s portable and convenient to move.

3.It can be configured as flame cutting, plasma cutting or flame and plasma dual function.

4. flame cutting is automatic ignition, plasma cutting adjust height automatically by arc pressure.

5. After disassembling, the whole machine is only two packages,Easy to transportation and storage.

6. Providing detailed videos of installation, operation and maintenance of machines.

Sistema CNC

>High-reliability, Prevents system from strong plasma disturbs and lightning strike etc;

>Chinese and English , Russian , Spanish , more than 10 languages can switch easily;
>Adopt USB disk to Read/Write program to upgrade software.

Caratteristiche principali
cutting mode : plasma and flame
Flame cutting thickness : 6-120mm
Plasma cutting thickness : according to the plasma generator .

Machine Parts : Guide rail

Steel guide rail , more stable for machine running .

Plasma holder and height controller

Plasma with automatic arc voltage height controller


1. sei fabbrica o società di commercio estero?
We are over 10 years old manufacturers, large-scale production of CNC cutting machine.

2. Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?
Our factory is located in Wuhan, Hubei. We will meet you at airport or train station. Warmly welcome to visit us!

3. Qual è la qualità dei tuoi prodotti?
We are very focused on the quality of the products, All spare parts of this machine come with best brand and best quality, after completing the installation we will test the machine for 48 hours.Our factory has gained CE, ISO9001 authentication.

4. What shall we do if don't know how to operate your machine after bought from you?
Abbiamo in allegato istruzioni dettagliate per l'installazione e il funzionamento, viene fornito anche con video, è molto semplice. Abbiamo supporto telefonico ed e-mail 24 ore al giorno.

5. Quali altre cose sono necessarie anche dopo l'acquisto delle macchine?
(1) With flame cutting: oxygen and fuel gas.
(2) With plasma cutting: air compressor. Plasma power is purchased by us, so that we can debug online, and we all need very good plasma power to ensure quality.

6. What are your payment terms?
Supportiamo T / T, L / C, Western Union e così via. Altri modi possono anche essere ricevuti dopo che entrambe le parti hanno discusso e concordato.

7. What to do if the machine has a problem?
12 hours timely response of mail and phone calls.In 12 months, if parts fail, we offer free replacement (except customer reasons).